makin6 a diff5rence with data

Makin6 TV m0re Impactful

radical tran6parency

data y0u can 6elieve in


Find Your Audience

We will be your eyes, ears, hands, and all knowing data experts. We use household-level viewing data – integrating sources of information across multiple dimensions – to find promising target audiences. Our in-depth analyses deliver precise and granular insights you can’t find elsewhere.


Reach Your Audience

We utilize our precision intelligence to construct data-driven, customized media plans. These are based on what the data tells us about how to reach the right audience, and not biased by the media inventory. We provide the most truthful insights, the purest recommendations for solving your business challenges and the best approach to deliver your message to the right targets.


Measure Success

We believe in testing and measuring results not only as a snapshot of performance, but also as a means to improve future campaigns. We have developed state-of-the-art tools and methodologies to help transform raw data into actionable insights through our data as a service offering. We ask the questions that lead to better questions. We reach the edge of data and then dig further so that we can uncover the hidden truths, discover the undiscovered, and craft precise, actionable insights that drive better results.

“AMG is an outstanding partner whose pioneering use of data and powerful insights have been of real value to Walmart. We are really pleased for the team there and excited about the formation of 605, which has the potential to make AMG’s solutions even stronger.”
– Aaron Bernstein, Senior Director, Insights & Advocacy at Walmart


1TV Networks

We identified the top lead-in and lead-out programming for our client’s TV network, identified the most desirable audience segments to drive tune-in and developed specific programming options which attracted more viewers to the show and the network.


We identified the 40MM Americans most likely to be responsive to a national marketing campaign. We ran a pilot campaign against our audience that generated significant sales and brand lift. Then we improved our target universe based on ad responsiveness before rolling out a national campaign based on custom ratings for those targets.


We identified the 43MM Americans most likely to travel for business and delivered a media plan based on custom TV ratings for our target audience. Our recommendation drove 15% more business travel conversions than the client’s traditional demographic plan.


We conducted message testing for an Academy Award-winning film and helped guide the campaign in advance of their wide theatrical release. The film grossed over $50MM domestically on a production budget of $20MM.


We used a venue’s historical ticketing data to predict propensity to attend this season’s events. We employed these propensities to identify the 300K optimal households for mail marketing. The mailed group bought tickets at a significantly higher rate (+63%) than the general audience and overall ticket sales were 25% higher than the previous year’s.


We have given politicians and issue advocates the competitive advantage with highly accurate turn-out and support voter predictions that fueled media and field efficiency. We used our television optimization engine to help Democrats win campaigns: reaching the people who matter most to them along the way. Our television optimization engine’s uniquely customizable inputs allow us to optimize media buys in local markets on broadcast and cable.