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Who We Are

We are engineers, analysts, data scientists, media experts, marketing strategists and political operatives. Our team of data scientists pioneered the field of TV data analytics. We offer unique, independent audience measurement and analytics to build better marketing and programming initiatives within the media and entertainment industries.

We believe in collaboration

We help some of the world’s most recognizable brands find their target audience, strengthen their campaigns, and measure their marketing ROI more accurately than ever before. When 605 is integrated into your strategic planning process, we become a partner, committed to achieving your vision. We combine our data with yours, because it only works if we work together.

Getting down to the details

We provide solutions using data-driven, census-based audience measurement. We solve challenges with comprehensive data and deliver actionable insights to programmers, brands and advertisers. We reach the edge of data and then dig further so that we uncover, analyze, understand the hidden truths, simplify the complex, and craft precise plans that drive better results.

What We Do

Companies and campaigns spend hundreds of millions of dollars on television and online advertising based on approximation and intuition, with little data to drive decisions or measure effectiveness. Standard viewership and ratings data is limited to broad age-gender categories. Smaller segments and local markets often suffer from insufficient sample sizes.

We do better.

605 introduces data and analytics to make planning less of an art and more of a science. We use models to identify targets for your product, service or cause. We use data from tens of millions of TV set-top boxes and online ad networks to anonymously match your most promising targets with their actual viewing habits to find the best way to reach them.

We are constantly analyzing our data and enhancing our models, matching, and targeting to ensure you always have the best plan.