Our Approach: Usin6 data T0 make better business d5cisions

605 combines sophisticated methodologies with the most robust individual-level datasets on the market – aggregated from public, private and in-house sources – to make predictions for everyone in the country (240MM adult consumers) regarding who is most likely to engage in a particular behavior. These individual-level predictions can help organizations make smarter business decisions across many functions.

Find Your Targets

Find your targets on TV

We calculate program-by-program custom TV ratings for your target list, using viewership data sourced from the set-top box logs of actual target households.

Broaden your target universe

Using customer data, surveys, and our proprietary datasets, we construct predictive models that determine, among all consumers in the country, the optimal target universe for your marketing campaign.

Optimize TV ad schedules

Our television optimization engine ingests custom TV ratings, audience overlap data, and the price of available TV inventory, then generates a detailed media plan that optimizes reach, frequency and cost per impression to your target audience.

Identity and Profile Targets

If you don’t have reliable data on customers, we conduct custom surveys or work with transaction data partners to learn about specific consumer preferences and behaviors that affect your industry. If you do have a reliable customer database, we can enhance it with data from public and commercial data sources.

Execute experiments to refine targeting

Our one-to-one experiments — using Addressable TV and digital technology — allow us to robustly measure which messages moved consumers the most and, crucially, which people are the most likely to be moved by your messaging.

Measure campaign performance

We list-match to individual targets online and on live TV via addressable technology, and then measure ROI with direct links into our clients’ transactions, third-party transaction partners’ data, or ad-treated survey respondents.