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605 is the first and only independent data analytics company to offer an integrated approach to measuring the impact of TV advertising on consumer behavior. We provide a complete suite of data-driven products and services based upon one of the industry’s largest matchable and proprietary TV datasets.

We enable marketers to effectively target key consumers and to measure the full impact of TV advertising. 605 can work with marketers on end-to-end solutions or on individual approaches depending upon their needs.

605 Suite of Products


605’s TV audience viewership data is matched with customized, 1st party client data and 3rd party data to directly target consumers in an effort to drive the most impactful TV advertising. This viewership data is provided in a privacy-compliant manner from more than 30 million devices across 12M+ households, and can be combined with more than 5,000 consumer attributes to pinpoint the most targetable and persuadable audiences.


Our expansive TV dataset and proprietary methodologies enable us to deliver data-driven media plans to inform your buying decisions. And because we neither buy or sell media, we operate as an independent, unbiased resource for our clients.


Our ad measurement methodologies analyze the full impact of your campaign - from brand awareness to sales conversion. This comprehensive attribution capability allows marketers to deliver the highest ROI from their media investment.


605 has developed a local ad planning tool specifically designed for content distributors’ sales teams to create audience-based media plans for clients. Local cable sales representatives are able to now combine set-top-box viewership data, rate cards, inventory, and demographic attributes at a local ad zone level to create optimized schedules for local ad sales clientele.

Who we serve


605 offers a complete suite of data-driven products and services based on one of the industry’s largest matchable TV dataset. We help you find your target audience, deliver ads on the most efficient schedule and measure results and ROI.

Marketers who partner with 605 have access to a suite of services that can result in scientific, analytic insights that empower them to make intelligent and informed business decisions – ones that improve efficiency, build brands, and drive sales. With a keen focus on ROI, 605 partners with marketers to deliver a complete approach to campaign optimization for companies, brands and the agencies and buyers that represent them. Simply put, these services are available to make television more impactful for advertisers.

605 products and services are designed to bring together sophisticated analytic methodologies that combine our household-level data with behavioral science to develop actionable insights – so that marketers can reach business performance goals, achieve campaign efficiencies, and optimize results for the biggest return on investment.

By measuring and analyzing the impact of TV advertising, we can determine the best approach to drive brand awareness and purchasing behavior. Working in partnership with companies, brands, advertising agencies and buyers, we can improve media planning, refine campaigns and measure results to ensure that budgets are efficient and effective.

TV Content Providers

605 works with content providers to understand which target audiences, program attributes, program messages, or creative execution performs best – in order to:

  • Find and reach the right viewing audience
  • Test which messages resonate with the target audience
  • Optimize linear campaigns
  • Offer insights and intelligence around best performing creative
  • Measure results and apply lessons to achieve maximum efficiencies

605 provides intelligence and insights for content providers seeking improved tune-in to their content and ways to optimize their marketing spend:

  • Audience Analytics
  • Campaign Planning & Optimization
  • Measurement & Attribution

Our data analytics team will also deliver campaign insights and attribution that includes:

  • Post campaign measurement, including exposed HHs with conversion data, e.g., viewership data
  • Conversion analytics and ROI
  • Reporting on efficiencies by network, daypart, or day of week

In order for content providers to maximize results for their tune-in campaign, 605 helps them understand and validate who and where to target their promotional messages. To do so, 605 looks at demographic, psychographic, behavioral attributes, as well as viewership habits to identify the right target audience for your message.

Next, 605 tests the effectiveness of your tune-in campaign. We separate established target audiences into test and control groups. Different audience groups will be exposed to different test messages. After the campaign runs, individuals can be matched back to viewership data to understand how exposure to tested TV spots impacted tune-in, and which creative executions worked best.

605 will create an optimized TV media schedule that includes specific networks, programs, day parts, as well as best day of the week to advertise. We also include detailed media plans to optimize reach, frequency and cost per impressions for target audiences. Because we neither buy or sell media, we serve as an independent, unbiased resource for our clients.

Distributors /MVPDs

Our knowledge of the MVPD space, combined with our expertise in data analytics allows us to offer unprecedented guidance to content distributors. 605 can partner with MVPDs and other providers to organize and utilize viewership data to support the decision-making process across the corporate, marketing, programming, operations, and local & regional ad sales units within the organization.

While many content distributors typically have their own in-house data solution teams, 605 offers industry solutions with its state-of-the art data management platform to improve the data process and offer a one-stop-shop for our products and services. Our decades of experience in onboarding, cleansing, storing and managing viewership data – in a privacy compliant way – is unparalleled. In addition, 605 has created a local ad planning tool to help ad sales teams better optimize inventory, ad spend and precise targeting.

We employ specific methodologies that yield significant, data-driven results. We offer content distributors the best industry minds with a deep understanding of how to increase ROI and drive business strategies. Our managed services approach, along with our ability to work inside the distribution environment, allows us to provide seamless solutions for our content distribution partners.

605’s Managed Services include:

  • Inventory optimization
  • Media planning tools and applications for local ad sales planning & reporting
  • Audience analytics, campaign optimization and measurement to improve tune-in and drive viewership

Inventory Optimization

A data and analytics company today, 605’s initial expertise grew out of the telecommunications industry. We understand that content distributors have historically relied less on a scientific data and analytic approach to marketing, and instead have focused on a more broad-based approach to promoting core services. For many distributors, the majority of ad budgets are spent on acquisition and upgrade marketing that focuses on competitive offers for its Triple Play, Double Play or singular products. Many also believe that the greatest impact is driven by cross channel TV spots that promote these services.

Only recently have content distributors entered the addressable TV space to test and learn how to stimulate customer behavior and response. 605’s expertise in the efficient measurement of TV advertising on consumer behavior can also help content distributors develop audience intelligence capabilities, campaign optimization initiatives, and comprehensive measurement and attribution insights.

We help content distributors create optimized TV schedules and media recommendations to reach audiences most receptive to messages about their products and offers – and ultimately achieve better response and ROI for the spend. With 605, distributors can:

  • Improve and optimize campaign activity
  • Understand and reach best audience targets
  • Better manage inventory to more effectively promote core services
  • Re-allocate excess inventory back to ad sales – to increase revenue
  • Better utilize and evaluate long-tail networks through sophisticated targeting and impression-based scheduling

Media Planning Tools for Ad Sales

605 also knows better than any other data company the need that content distributors have for generating ad sales revenue. We understand how they utilize cross-channel inventory to both sell local advertising and maximize viewership and tune-in. We are also acutely aware that quantifying viewership and impressions increases the value of ad inventory which consequently can be sold at a higher rate to drive revenue.

605 has developed a local ad planning tool specifically designed for content distributors’ sales teams. The tool creates audience-based media plans and proposals for clients. Local cable sales representatives can now combine set-top-box viewership data, rate cards, inventory, and demographic attributes at a local ad zone level to create optimized schedules for local ad sales clientele - in seconds. 605’s local ad sales tool includes data that is fully privacy-compliant, then encrypted, processed, stored and updated daily in an effort to provide one of the most comprehensive and sophisticated applications available today.

Audience Analytics, Campaign Optimization & TV Measurement for Content Providers

Historically, content providers may not have had a direct relationship with their viewers because the distributor sits between the programmer and the end user. Although this dynamic has seen some shift with content delivered via connected devices, these companies have traditionally had limited information on the profile of their viewers – or potential viewers – and no optimal way to reach and motivate these audiences with their tune-in or brand messages.

Today we can support these content providers through our tune-in verification efforts. This allows programmers to utilize a test and learn environment to optimize messaging and schedules in an effort to encourage customer response and higher viewership. We can set up a test and control of TV spots, and then validate the desired outcome. This is accomplished by taking a list of households exposed to a given TV spot and then matching it against the household behavior that was promoted via the TV commercial – in a privacy compliant manner.

The tune-in verification process allows programmers to:

  • Access 605 expertise to transform raw data for programmers
  • Better understand your audience composition for viewers and potential viewers
  • Collect insights into creative execution elements that drive viewership and tune-in to shows
  • Find, validate, and refine audience targets most receptive to messages about programs, thus achieving better tune-in response and ROI
  • Understand which audiences are most responsive to TV advertising
  • Eliminate ad spend waste and achieve campaign efficiencies, especially relevant for linear tune-in optimization
  • Distinguish between segmentation of avid viewers vs. casual viewers

605’s Data Management Platform

Providing the Best of Data Analytics & DMP Solutions.

605 has developed a proprietary data management platform for collecting and managing data , providing rigorous and scientific data analytics and DMP solutions for marketers and content distributors. Our platform is designed to help generate the most accurate audience segments to target the most relevant audiences with the most appropriate messaging. We utilize viewership data to improve accuracy and scale and to identify the best TV ad targets for marketers. Distributors can also take advantage of 605’s customized DMP solutions to design the most precise data algorithms to better inform their content provider partners.

As part of 605’s data solutions approach, we process, cleanse and store set-top-box data from content distributors that includes viewing data and second-by-second time stamped ad exposures, which allows us to organize and monetize data in real time. We ingest and verify the data through our ETL process, onboarding viewership information into 605’s data management platform. As part of our cleaning process, we transform and validate the data in a fully privacy-compliant manner. 605 integrates and matches data from various sources. We match our datasets with our clients’ CRM data and other syndicated sources to offer comprehensive audience analytics, campaign planning and optimization, and the most accurate measurement and attribution to drive impactful ROI.

As a result of our unique DMP capabilities, 605 can:

  • Develop and operate a private DMP on behalf of content distributors that are fully dedicated to their data
  • Provide comprehensive turn-key solutions – from data ingestion, normalization and Q/A – to advanced audience analytics and measurement
  • Offer unique skills and expertise in transforming raw set-top-box data into leading measurement solutions

Case Studies



We identified the top lead-in and tune away programming for our client’s network. Then we pinpointed the most desirable audience segments to drive tune-in, and worked with our client to develop specific programming options which attracted more viewers to the show and the network.



We identified and targeted the forty million Americans most likely to respond to a national marketing campaign. Then we ran a pilot campaign against our audience that generated significant sales and brand lift. Afterwards, we improved our target universe based on ad responsiveness, then rolled out a national campaign based on custom ratings for those targets.



We found the forty-three million Americans most likely to travel for business and delivered a media plan based on custom TV ratings for our target audience. Our recommendation drove 15% more business travel conversions than the client’s traditional demographic plan.



We conducted message testing for an Academy Award-winning film and helped guide the campaign in advance of its wide theatrical release. The film grossed over $50 million domestically on a production budget of $20 million.



We used a venue’s historical ticketing data to predict propensity to attend the next season’s events. We employed these propensities to identify the 300K optimal households for direct-mail marketing. The targeted group bought tickets at a significantly higher rate (+63%) than the general audience, and overall ticket sales were 25% higher than the previous year’s.



We’ve given politicians and advocates a competitive advantage during campaigns by accurately predicting ‘support voters’ and voter turn-out.Our television optimization engine has helped candidates win elections through its unique ability to enhance television media buys.

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