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It’s not hard to know if people are tuning into your show or network. What is valuable is knowing how, when and why people watch – or the reasons they don’t – in ways you can trust. By combining our sophisticated methodologies with the most robust individual-level datasets on the market, we can give you insight to your viewers’ activity in granular, reliable detail, so you can make better decisions.

Our tools and methods allow us to analyze nearly 300 million 18+ adults in the United States and determine who is most likely to engage in a particular behavior. These individual-level predictions can help you evaluate potential target audiences for a new show based on past viewing habits and access real-time measurements to optimize promotions and scheduling for current programming.

We can help you find and reach your perfect audience in different ways:

01: Census-based measurement

02: Audience analysis & segmentation

03: Second-by-second programming analytics

04: Tune-in conversion analysis & optimization

05: Path analysis (lead-in, lead-out)

06: Cross-platform behavioral analytics (linear, non-linear, OTT)

07: Content, creative & message testing

08: Audience-based ad planning , sales and reporting tools

Plus, we’re not just number crunchers – we also have the media expertise and experience to evaluate the data and make thoughtful recommendations. Every show and network is different.



You spend a lot of money to build the best media campaigns possible. Shouldn’t you know if the right target is spending time watching the networks and shows you run them on?

With the new 605 Impact Index™ we use a scientific approach that measures the full funnel impact - from brand lift down to sales lift - of TV.

We use metrics which are organized into two distinct categories: Brand Impact Metrics, which are designed to measure the ‘upper’ and ‘mid-funnel’ impact including brand awareness, brand perception, brand favorability and net promoter score (NPS); and Sales Impact Metrics, which are designed to measure the ‘bottom funnel’ impact including ad engagement, ad response, sales conversion and conversion lift.

We marry your deep understanding of your business with our unique methodologies and tools to put a bullseye on your target and give you deeper insight into tuning activity. From there we use data from tens of millions of TV set-top boxes and online ad networks to anonymously match your most promising targets with their actual viewing habits to find the best way to reach them.

Additionally, our television optimization engine can generate a detailed media plan that optimizes reach, frequency and cost per impression to your target audience by analyzing custom TV ratings, audience overlap data and the price of available TV inventory.

We’re able to identify the right individuals to target based on personal attributes and viewing activity, then develop the media plan and calculate the ROI you get from reaching them.

Whatever your campaign objectives, we help with:

01: Target audience identification with custom attributes and segmentation for data-driven campaigns

02: Creative, offer & message testing

03: Primary research (brand awareness, recall & response)

04: Campaign planning, measurement, reporting & optimization tools

05: Impressions-based reporting & verification

06: Conversion, ROI analysis & full funnel attribution measurement


Your organization specializes in delivering video content to customers across multiple channels, however you may find managing ad inventory more challenging.

We are the only company that has the infrastructure, data architecture and advertising expertise required to ingest, process, store and QA large-scale ad inventory data sets to help you understand and effectively use your available media.

We offer many ways to help you take advantage of your ad inventory:

Advantage 01: Data onboarding, processing, normalization & hosting

Advantage 02: End-to-end data management including QA & ETL processes

Advantage 03: Data systems architecture, integration, testing & optimization

Advantage 04: Data monitoring, reporting & real-time analytics

Advantage 05: Custom services including audience/CRM, product, platform & network-based data analytics



Not all “optimizers” are equal. Our planning platform brings individual-level targeting from digital to television advertising. We use billions of viewership data points from millions of households to optimize your cross-channel advertising. This combination of great data, flexible features, powerful algorithms and actionable results set our service apart.

impact index

TV is often the biggest spend in your media budget, but it’s also very difficult to measure. By using one of the largest matchable TV data sets available, we offer the 605 Impact Index™ as a scientific approach for measuring the full impact of TV advertising.

Make your dollars work smarter by deploying the Impact Index today.

Contact: impactindex@605.tv

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