Privacy Statement

605 was founded by seasoned cable industry executives, and therefore its privacy policies are steeped in the consumer information protections set forth in the Cable Act (“Act”). Despite a world where the amount of personally identifiable information (“PII”) grows exponentially each year, 605 still follows the dictates of the Act in ensuring that its client analytics are always provided on an aggregated and anonymized basis.

Accordingly, 605 does not sell any products containing household level information or PII. Rather, 605 only provides its clients with TV viewership analytics based on aggregated and anonymized data, to ensure that PII is protected and identity and personal information cannot be reverse engineered.

605 does not independently collect household or individual level data. Instead, 605 licenses data from reputable industry sources, who represent and warrant that they have collected data consistent with applicable law and their own privacy policy. At 605, any such data is provided a unique 605 identifier, to ensure anonymity and confidentiality, and 605 never appends or attaches PII to its TV viewership data. 605 is deeply committed to the security of its data-sets and we use appropriate technologies and procedures to protect our data. Our state of the art information security practices, including administrative, technical and physical safeguards, are designed ensure the protection of data. We communicate our privacy and security guidelines to all employees and strictly enforce safeguards for the protection of information within the company. All client data is aggregated and anonymized, utilized in accordance with contractual and legal requirements and ultimately destroyed based on 605 policy.