MVPD Solutions

Understand Reach and Frequency of TV Content to Drive Business Decisions

Every year MVPD programming departments are faced with content acquisition decisions and contract renewals for existing TV network partners. We recognize that rising programming costs have a significant impact on your business. 605 can organize and assess viewership data to identify consumption habits and patterns that help determine the inherent value of your various programming offerings. This information can be harnessed to help support more informed programming negotiations for both your network launch and renewal efforts.

605’s multi-source whole-home viewership data provides deterministic household-level activation insights on more than 21 million households (across 210 DMAs). This means that 605 is in the unique position to help MVPDs understand the most impactful reach and frequency driven by programmers’ tune-in viewership. Our programming analytics will significantly aid in your negotiation efforts with TV networks seeking ongoing distribution.


Arm your programming department with audience insights on tune-in TV viewership to:

Understand who is watching which networks and programs, how often and when, as well as what other networks these households are viewing

Make informed decisions with a network-by-network analysis that includes tune-in lift analyses, reach and frequency, delivery and efficiency by daypart, viewer loyalty and engagement, total impressions served by networks, and total household conversions

Identify audience targets that integrate desired viewership behaviors, preferences and psychological motivators – to help determine which programming on your cable system drives viewership and video package sales