100% Deterministic TV Measurement

605 offers the nation’s largest independent, deterministic TV viewership data source, utilizing data amassed from 21 million households.  Our solutions support household-level data activation, measurement and reporting. Deterministic data activation supports one-to-one data matching without the need for look-alike modeling.

Multi-Source National Viewership

605 is the first to combine set-top box and ACR data to enable ‘whole home’ viewership from all 210 DMAs, across all TVs in the home. The combination of set-top box and ACR data delivers better insights into viewership, thus fueling more accurate national and local projection methods.

Neutral, Trusted, Privacy-Compliant
Third Party

Independently owned, 605 does not buy or sell media.

605 Solutions

The evolution of viewership behavior and wide adoption of streaming are driving rapid changes in the media landscape. This shift demands a new generation of measurement solutions that can bridge traditional TV and digital streaming.