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605's products are fueled by robust, multi-source data from 34 million households that are nationally represented, deterministic and unbiased.

Everyday, our systems ingest over 2.5 Billion viewership events that equates to over 11,300 years of linear content daily, giving our clients insight into front end metrics, program tune-in and outcomes such as sales lift, visits and website activity across platforms.

Our always-on, next generation measurement and attribution suite of solutions inform decisions and quantify investments across the media lifecycle.


PLATF0RM, 605’s measurement product, enables clients to discover who watches what, where and when to better understand programming & ad viewership across platforms.


IMP4CT, 605’s attribution product, quantifies the impact of cross platform campaigns on consumer behaviors such as program tune-in & outcomes across the funnel.


Our custom solutions go beyond standard product offerings to service more bespoke, granular campaign reporting - from customized metrics and cross tabs to multiple outcomes.

PLATF0RM is an innovative solution transforming the way programmers, agencies, MVPDs, and buy/sell side clients understand viewership dynamics.

This always-on measurement product enables users to construct detailed reports using industry-standard metrics and custom-defined audiences. PLATF0RM reports aid in campaign planning with improved reach for the desired target audience, provide insights on how competitors are reaching audiences, inform optimization & more.

Leveraging robust, multi-source datasets from over 34 million U.S. households, our measurement product is nationally representative of the complete U.S. TV viewing population.
605 IMP4CT is the first-of-its-kind “always on” attribution reporting tool to quantify the impact of linear and cross platform campaigns on consumer behaviors.

Understand the effect of program advertising and promotion on tune-in behavior. Correlate exposure directly to a series, episode or an entire season.

Connect campaign exposure to desired outcomes through 605’s privacy-compliant, deterministic data feed.

Our ability to be data agnostic enables clients to utilize one of our existing data partnerships or onboard any first / third party data to use for custom audiences and outcomes such as visits, sales, web pixel and more.
A web application that uses your real-time inventory feed and viewership data within a web application built specifically for advertisers and MVPD’s.

Target specific consumer attributes and generate media plans that can easily be uploaded to your traffic platform within minutes.

Utilize the information to aid in campaign planning with improved reach for the desired target audience, and get insights on how competitors are reaching audiences.
managed service
605 Solutions are our custom, managed service solutions that stem from our core products and are offered to clients who are looking to include more data, metrics, custom ad-schedules and even multiple outcome metrics.

Cross Platform:

Let us quantify your cross platform campaigns. From Addressable, Digital, CTV and more, our custom solutions have the ability to provide clients with unique cross platform measurement and attribution metrics.

Full Funnel:
Our full funnel solutions quantify holistic campaign impact by attributing upper-funnel brand attributes to lower-funnel conversion metrics.