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Powering the future of measurement & attribution

We support the entire media life cycle

605’s next generation measurement and attribution solutions are engineered to provide clients with powerful insights and outcomes that support the entire media lifecycle.

Built on robust industry-standard data that is rooted in scientific methodology, our focus is on driving innovation in how data is used to create, execute and measure advanced advertising campaigns.

605 in action

Our solutions are built on industry standard data

Multi-source viewership

Multi-source household level viewership data is received on a daily basis - Including Digital and Addressable


Utilizing our identity spine, all data is cross-walked and ID’s are matched back to persistent 605 household ID’s

Time Shifted Viewership

Our tech stack, scale, unbiased and neutral methodology is our guarantee to quality solutions for our clients

Nationally Represented

Data is weighted, corrected for biases and projected to represent the national US TV household universe

Big data infrastructure with the scale for reliable attribution

Built on top of our rigorous measurement infrastructure is our attribution offering. That employs a rigorous methodology that takes additional steps into account at a level expansive enough to ensure the detection of virtually any treatment effect large enough to provide ROI calculators - across platforms.

Outcomes Data

Enabling clients to onboard their 1st - 3rd party data or using one of our data partnerships to quantify objectives like sales, location visits or website visitation.


Using our proprietary, multi dimensional matching algorithm, we match each exposed household to unexposed households closest in proximity.


By approximating experimental conditions in research design, discretion over parameter choices of the estimation technique is removed, thereby minimizing human bias and promoting parsimonious models.


Any remaining differences are analyzed via our proprietary algorithm to ensure that the significance is based on approximated causality instead of correlation biased effects.

Every day our system processes
large amounts of data

Our 605 tech stack delivers the fastest, most scalable and elastic storage and processing environment for measurement and attribution.

We don’t just deliver data
- we deliver powerful insights and outcomes that help our clients make smarter decisions.


records of viewership data & more


of daily linear content

360+ Networks

and thousands of affiliates

better data
better insights
better outcomes
better data
better insights
better outcomes
better data
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better data
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Key data features:

Multi-source household viewership data across STB (set-top-box) & ACR (automated content recognition)
Data from 44MM devices across 34MM households
Time-shifted viewership to infinity
30+ months of historical viewership data at the second level
Third party data partnerships across key advertiser categories
Report customization & download functionality