who we are

605 provides a comprehensive set of solutions designed to enhance the performance of advertising campaigns and provide a true measure of return on marketing investments.

We help brands find the right audience for their products and guide advertising agencies’ efforts to discover the most relevant consumers so that creative, targeting and planning are effective and provide real, meaningful ROI. 605 also works with content providers to target audiences for viewership and can help programmers demonstrate to advertisers how TV content can deliver the most relevant audiences more effectively.

In addition, 605 helps content distributors to organize, manage, and best utilize their viewership data across the organization, and also provides data analytic services as well as data management platform solutions to support marketing and ad sales efforts.

Our goal is to help advertisers, content providers and content distributors reach the most responsive TV audiences. With one of the largest matchable TV datasets in the nation, 605 uses television viewing data from more than 12 million households in a privacy-compliant manner to measure the full impact of television advertising.

Proprietary technology, coupled with methods developed by leading data scientists, allow 605 to analyze audiences to pinpoint the most targetable and persuadable customers – and let us help marketers optimize media planning, select the most effective creative and deliver the best results from their advertising and marketing budgets.

605 measures and analyzes the specific changes driven by TV advertising throughout a client’s marketing campaign, allowing them to understand the impact that TV has on their business and drive even better results


The creation of 605 was driven by the need to improve television measurement and to validate that TV could remain the most powerful advertising and marketing platform available.

Backed by Dolan Family Ventures as an independent data, measurement and analytics company, 605 was formed through the acquisition of Analytics Media Group – an early pioneer in the field of TV data analytics. The team, which combined leading cable executives with leading scientists and engineers, focuses on developing a better way to measure the impact of television in combination with emerging digital advertising and marketing platforms.

Today, 605 is the only company that has broad matching rights to its set-top-box data. We are able to match our data with CRM client data and syndicated data. Because of our ability to integrate this data, we can offer marketers the ability to directly target the most relevant consumers for their message, understand who saw the ad, and determine which audience targets were persuaded to take action as a result.

Early on, 605 also recognized that sample-based methodologies were unable to deliver precise, granular measurement. In addition, traditional media measurement firms lacked the data infrastructure and analytic expertise to solve audience measurement challenges even within their own industry. Seeing a need in the marketplace, 605 combined analytics and media expertise to develop an unparalleled rigorous scientific approach to TV measurement. And because we neither buy or sell media, we are able to serve as an independent, unbiased resource for our clients.

What makes us unique


One of the nation’s largest matchable & proprietary TV datasets


Complete end-to-end solutions for media optimization


Comprehensive measurement across the entire marketing funnel


Insights that drive the most powerful return on investment for your media spend


Proprietary software solutions for your advertising sales force


The most impactful linear ROI